Types of Investment

The Champion Capital Group goes beyond just investing.  We create Joint Ventures, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances which create lasting bonds that benefit entrepreneurs and their startups. We are agile, versatile and hyper connected to the business experts, resources and disciplines that you will need fast access to grow your business. We take great pride in our ability to make the right match. We believe that before business comes people and if the people don’t connect, the business won’t work. This is the Champion Capital Group way.

Business Development

The Champion Capital Group competitive difference will make a difference to your business.  CCG:
-understands the dynamics of the target verticals we focus on
-has relationships in these verticals with key influencers
-has a Fortune 50 Global Chief Marketing Officer on our Team who can immediately help your Team with marketing, business development, product innovation and make quick connections to his extensive U.S./Global Fortune 500 network
Having said that, it is critical to our effort to develop the right strategy with any of our client companys and their services as part of a comprehensive launch while ensuring compatibility with a company’s existing services.

The Champion Way

Champion Capital Group has a global presence and reach specializing in expert business development and financial advisory services accommodating Small cap – Large cap companies Internationally, including the United States, Europe and Emerging Markets. We help companies grow by applying our team’s decades of business expertise combined with a deep understanding of our clients, their values, and needs.

FinTech & E-Commerce
Smart Phone Technology and Media
Cyber Security technology
Sustainability Projects
Start-Ups & Gaming
Oil and Gas
Emerging Markets in Technology
Solar and Alternative Energy
International infrastructure
Clean tech

We take great pride in our achievements


BAZZ allows drivers to text and drive while staying safe and not becoming a distracted driver. BAZZ works as no text while driving app by listening to the content of a text message and replying to it using voice commands.


LINKID Your online ID for life

linkID is a cloud based secure, mobile user conversion tool providing User Identity and Payment. It converts visitors into users or customers using their mobile device everywhere they go.
See Video Here



Klickly is a pro-social donations technology for brands, charities, and political campaigns that enables consumers to make donations with a single touch, directly in social streams.  Effectively, the Klickly software creates an ‘impulse-giving platform’ – making giving easy, instant, & fun.  Klickly works with high-profile nonprofits, influencers, & brands to reach a whole generations of young people where they live – on social and allow these fans and followers to donate far more easily than was possible in the past.


The Largest Cannabis Knowledge Resource In The World

Weedsta.com features a complete directory of medical marijuana dispensaries, dispensary locator and a library of strains, including a cannabis strain locator – up to date lab test results, cannabis related news and other items of interest for the cannabis community.

Weedsta also offers dispensaries customized micro sites that includes a digital menu, a product ordering platform, a loyalty program and an email marketing platform.  Weedsta will host the site and act as the domain provider. Weedsta.com and the Weedsta microsites have been built from the outset to be mobile responsive.



SocialFy has developed & implemented Desktop, Laptop & Mobile solutions to make “Social Media Catalog Shopping” – – one of the very BEST ways to Shop on social media.

By SocialFy combining the market proven, cutting-edge technology of their digital catalog program and its integration into the robust Facebook platform, a merchant’s customer will have a New, Convenient & Immersive Catalog Shopping experience while also enhancing their Engagement with, and Brand Awareness of, the merchant as well as generate sales for the merchant by directly and also by sharing the merchant’s Products / Catalog Pages & Entire Catalogs with their Friends worldwide.



Pick Factor

Pick Factor created and operates an innovative sports app and website that will be the go-to source for comprehensive, aggregated sports predictions data and game day analysis.

Pick Factor’s data team reports on thousands of predictions for upcoming games and creates a Pick Factor Score (PFS).



Champion has a diverse international team on the ground in Israel, Europe and the U.S. with decades of experience, bandwidth and influential networks in our target industries.

Our team in New York, California, Atlanta, Europe and Israel is dedicated to building the technology of our partners and clients into global success stories … and champions in their industries.  We focus on building people-first trust, initiative and investment in ideas which start in any town, village, or country but whose success is destined to be worldwide.

Wide scope

Champion’s extensive worldwide and industry strategic network and relationships offers continuous and comprehensive services to our clients and their prospects. The most important factor in our business development is to enhance our client’s business initiatives whether it’s in the United States or a worldwide market.

Always on the lookout

We are always on the lookout for the next marketable and fundable big thing, the next startup, the next innovation, the seed that could benefit from Champion Capital Group assistance to bloom and grow to reach its true potential. We do not stick to a harsh “investments portfolio”.  Looking at our sample investments, you will see that we are an open minded company. If it’s good, if it’s a game changer, we will make it work.