Champion Capital Group is proud to present a sampling of our success stories. These companies, startups and ideas have accelerated their growth trajectories as a result of leveraging Champion’s resources, experts and network.


Road Congestion Solution

Mobi develops a solution for the problem of congestion in the connected vehicle era – equipping transportation management operators with a tool for optimizing urban mobility of people & goods based on Real-Time Dynamic Pricing. Imagine a city with less congestion, more available parking & increased revenue through dynamic pricing. Imagine a connected world expanding consumer choice, increasing consumer surplus & improving mobility efficiency. Imagine a transportation system enabling I2V & facilitating V2X, increasing preemption-based safety & lowering mobility cost. Mobi is the solution for today.


Smartag has already managed to bring to life its vision and became the leading B2B technology solution provider for the entertainment and tourism markets by creating a simple and seamless visit experience using Smartag’s wearables and contactless devices, i.e. wristbands, with a wide range of technologies available for each merchant such as QR, RFID, NFC, BLE, so a merchant’s guests can leave their wallets, keys, cash, tickets and worries behind and enjoy a convenient visit, including cashless payments, loyalty programs, access control, ticketing, gamification & real life engagement. Ideal venues for the use of Smartag includes hotel & resorts, amusement parks, festivals & live events, sport events, smart cities & tourists cards.


Mobile application to simply create digital learning units

Bites is a mobile application that allows educators, and managers of all levels, to simply create digital learning units – either educational or business oriented, from scratch by using nothing more than their smartphone’s!
With Bites every educator can design, shoot, edit, add a questionnaire, receive results and create a discussion. By simplifying the creation process to the easy use of the smartphone, Bites provides an EASY TO USE PLATFORM that neutralizes all technical difficulties and makes teachers/managers independent and free to create every digital content they need. The Bites learning units are short yet comprehensive and relevant mostly to the time between frontal sessions in order to enrich learners’ self-learning experience and get their deep engagement. The use of bites learning units also provide better monitoring of students/employee knowledge, better control of the level of skills implementation and allow a comprehensive collaborative learning eco-system.


Endpoint security solutions

BUFFERZONE Security Ltd offers endpoint security solutions designed to protect enterprises from advanced threats, including zero-day exploits, drive-by downloads, phishing scams, and APTs. Using cutting-edge containment, bridging, and intelligence, BUFFERZONE keeps organizations safe while still allowing their employees seamless access to internet applications, mail, and removable storage. BUFFERZONE’s solutions have been implemented in the financial, medical, and other sectors.

Interest-Free Installment Payment Solution

Splitit is a unique service that enables both ecommerce and brick and mortar merchants to offer interest-free monthly payments to their consumers to pay for their Retail or Web purchases using their existing credit cards at the point of sale and divide the total cost across as many interest-free payments as they choose, without completing a credit application or qualifying for a new credit line. As a result Splitit is revolutionizing the credit card industry by enabling POS instant consumer financing without assuming any credit risk. In addition merchants can now offer instant and secure consumer credit, using the consumer’s existing credit card, with no greater risk than they have with regular credit card transactions. Consumers can easily charge the monthly installment on their existing Visa or MasterCard credit cards. In addition, Splitit works on consumer’s existing credit cards so customers also enjoy all of their regular credit card benefits such as points, cash-back and mileage. For merchants, having this additional payment option can mean increased conversion rates, higher average tickets, increased customer satisfaction and reduced barriers to purchase.

Social Media Catalog Shopping

SocialFy has developed & implemented Desktop, Laptop & Mobile solutions to make “Social Media Catalog Shopping” one of the very BEST ways to Shop on social media.

By SocialFy combining the market proven, cutting-edge technology of their digital catalog program and its integration into the robust Facebook platform, a merchant’s customer will have a New, Convenient & Immersive Catalog Shopping experience while also enhancing their Engagement with, and Brand Awareness of, the merchant as well as generate sales for the merchant by directly and also by sharing the merchant’s Products / Catalog Pages & Entire Catalogs with their Friends worldwide.

With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram and other Social Media companies having hundreds of millions (or few billion+ jointly) of consumer users, SocialFy will continue to focus on developing new & unique Social Commerce platforms by incorporating Catalog Shopping into Social Media Worldwide. A substantial number of “BRAND” Name Catalog companies will ship catalog orders worldwide, thereby taking advantage of the Power of Social Media to generate worldwide online sales.

Prosocial donations technology

Klickly is a pro-social donations technology for brands, charities, and political campaigns that enables consumers to make donations with a single touch, directly in social streams.  Effectively, the Klickly software creates an ‘impulse-giving platform’ – making giving easy, instant, & fun.  Klickly works with high-profile nonprofits, influencers, & brands to reach a whole generations of young people where they live – on social and allow these fans and followers to donate far more easily than was possible in the past.

Elemin – Dead Sea Products Nature’s way

Elemin develops skincare products that are as unique as the Dead Sea itself, to nourish both body and soul. Each Elemin product is a gift of sensory delight and renewed inner vitality.

From the purity of the all-natural ingredients to the sleek, attractive design, the entire Elemin line places the accent on quality. The appealing fragrances and textures are the results of their own secret blend of essential extracts and bio-active oils, developed from years of research, which complement and enhance the Dead Sea minerals and salts.

The Largest Cannabis Knowledge Resource In The World

Weedsta.com features a complete directory of medical marijuana dispensaries, dispensary locator and a library of strains, including a cannabis strain locator – up to date lab test results, cannabis related news and other items of interest for the cannabis community.

Weedsta also offers dispensaries customized micro sites that includes a digital menu, a product ordering platform, a loyalty program and an email marketing platform.  Weedsta will host the site and act as the domain provider. Weedsta.com and the Weedsta microsites have been built from the outset to be mobile responsive.