Tourist attractions are the colonial quarter in Malabo, the southern part of the island Bioko where you can hike to the Iladyi cascades and to remote beaches to watch nesting turtles, Bata with its shoreline Paseo Maritimo and the tower of liberty, Mongomo with its basilica (the second largest Catholic church in Africa) and the new planned and built capital Ciudad de la Paz. However, and despite speaking under duress and with clear signs of torture, Nsolo said that they had planned a peaceful protest and had indeed obtained all the legal authorizations required to carry out the peaceful protest. At the same time measures were taken to battle sleeping sickness and leprosy in the enclave, and by 1967 the number of hospital beds per capita in Equatorial Guinea was higher than Spain itself, with 1637 beds in 16 hospitals. The Cross-Sanaga-Bioko coastal forests ecoregion covers most of Bioko and the adjacent portions of Cameroon and Nigeria on the African mainland, and the Mount Cameroon and Bioko montane forests ecoregion covers the highlands of Bioko and nearby Mount Cameroon. Music and dance is at the core of Equatorial Guinea, and they are treated by the natives as religiously significant. Catholic penetration was furthered by two small insurrections in 1898 and 1910 protesting conscription of forced labour for the plantations. [36], A decision of 9 August 1963, approved by a referendum of 15 December 1963, gave the territory a measure of autonomy and the administrative promotion of a 'moderate' group, the Movimiento de Unión Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial [es] (MUNGE). How to make a video presentation with Prezi in 6 steps; Oct. 14, 2020. [16] They must have settled continental Equatorial Guinea around 500 BC at the latest. Obiang answered he refused to step aside because the new constitution was not retroactive and the two- term limit would only become applicable from 2016. Equatorial Guinea has also been a destination for fortune-seeking European immigrants from Britain, France and Germany. [120] There are two newspapers and two magazines. UNESCO presented the main criteria to acquire the biosphere reserve status. continent, Equatorial Guinea has registered the highest growth path in Africa in the last five years. Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) Treaties with Investment Provisions (TIPs) Investment Related Instruments (IRIs) No. Lets explore the best places to visit in Equatorial Guinea: 1. It is still the language of education and administration. Minimal government backing for mainland annexation came as a result of public opinion and a need for labour on Fernando Pó. [116] The country also has no documented heritage listed in the Memory of the World Programme of UNESCO nor any intangible cultural heritage listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.[117][118]. Bantu migrations started probably around 2,000 BC from between south-east Nigeria and north-west Cameroon (the Grassfields). [23] Without Spanish permission, the British moved the headquarters of the Mixed Commission for the Suppression of Slave Traffic to Fernando Pó in 1827, before moving it back to Sierra Leone under an agreement with Spain in 1843. [46] Apart from allegedly committing genocide against the ethnic minority Bubi people, Macias Nguema ordered the deaths of thousands of suspected opponents, closed down churches and presided over the economy's collapse as skilled citizens and foreigners fled the country. In return the USSR was to supply fish to Equatorial Guinea. In 1940, an estimated 20% of the colony's cocoa production came from African-owned land, nearly all of it was in the hands of Fernandinos. The country has one university, the Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial (UNGE), with a campus in Malabo and a Faculty of Medicine located in Bata on the mainland. As of 2015[update], the country had a population of 1,225,367.[7]. Corisco and the two Elobey islands are in Corisco Bay, on the border of Río Muni and Gabon. [4] The only telephone provider in Equatorial Guinea is Orange. Equatorial Guinea is the 162nd country in my music/travel series. Due to historical and cultural ties, in 2010 the legislature amended article four of the Constitution of Equatorial Guinea, to establish Portuguese as an official language of the Republic. Some of the motivations for Equatorial Guinea's membership pursuit into the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) included access to several professional and academic exchange programmes and facilitated cross-border circulation of citizens. Oil extraction since the 1990s has contributed to a doubling of the population in Malabo. 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E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo clausura el Segundo Periodo Ordinario de Sesiones del pleno de la Cámara de Representantes del Pueblo", "Assinado termo de cooperação entre IILP e Guiné Equatorial", "Protocolo de Cooperação entre a Guiné-Equatorial e o IILP", "CPLP vai ajudar Guiné-Equatorial a "assimilar valores, "Nota informativa: Missão da CPLP à Guiné Equatorial", "International Religious Freedom Report for 2017", "Good news in malaria control... Now what? The mission ended on 23 June 2016 with a final discussion on the follow up activities with the Ministry and the National Commission for UNESCO, that includes a second workshop to discuss on the policy instrument formulated and on the proposed candidature for Biosphere Reserve for November 2016 in Bata. A November 2004 report[60] named Mark Thatcher as a financial backer of the 2004 Equatorial Guinea coup d'état attempt organized by Simon Mann. 3. Equatorial Guinea has demanded that Brazil hand back more than $16m (£12m) worth of cash and luxury watches confiscated from a delegation … The country consists of a mainland territory, Río Muni, which is bordered by Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the east and south, and five small islands, Bioko, Corisco, Annobón, Elobey Chico (Small Elobey), and Elobey Grande (Great Elobey). Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Equatorial Guinea im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). Fernando Pó and Annobón were colonized by Portugal in 1474. [35], This 'provincial' phase saw the beginnings of nationalism, but chiefly among small groups who had taken refuge from the Caudillo's paternal hand in Cameroun and Gabon. with change in the economic and political climate and government social agendas, several cultural dispersion and literacy organizations have been founded, chiefly with the financial support of the Spanish government. [97] At its 10th summit in Dili in July 2014, Equatorial Guinea was admitted as a CPLP member. Yet despite its impressive GNI figure, Equatorial Guinea is plagued by extreme poverty because its Gini coefficient of 65.0 is the highest in the entire world. The country ranks 144th on the 2019 Human Development Index,[12] with less than half the population having access to clean drinking water and 20% of children dying before the age of five. [20] The main island's rainy climate, extreme humidity and temperature swings took a major toll on European settlers from the beginning, and it would be centuries before attempts restarted. Source: flickr. It was then required to meet a number of obligations to do so, including committing to working with civil society and companies on EITI implementation, appointing a senior individual to lead on EITI implementation, and publishing a fully costed Work Plan with measurable targets, a timetable for implementation and an assessment of capacity constraints. The censorship was implemented by redirecting online searches to the official government website. The government financed an Instituto Internacional da Língua Portuguesa (IILP) sociolinguistic study in Annobón. Just one small point- I believe Oyala (the new capital) is on Rio Muni whereas Malabo 2 is on Bioko. Equatorial Guinea - Instrument of Ratification - Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage; Identity area. [106][107], In July 2012, the CPLP refused Equatorial Guinea full membership, primarily because of its continued serious violations of human rights. There is also a gendarmerie, but the number of members is unknown. Biosphere reserves are ideal laboratories for researches on biodiversity and climate change, and Equatorial Guinea has an extraordinary heritage in this area. Title. The principal means of communication within Equatorial Guinea are 3 state-operated FM radio stations. [98] French was only made official in order to join the Francophonie and it is not locally spoken, except in some border towns. The mvet is a stringed musical instrument, the harp-lute of the Fang people of Gabon, Cameroon, São Tomé and Equatorial Guinea. Fernando Pó thus continued to suffer from labour shortages. The new constitution also introduced the figure of a vice president and called for the creation of a 70-member senate with 55 senators elected by the people and the 15 remaining designated by the president. Rain or mist occurs daily on Annobón, where a cloudless day has never been registered. The capital city in Gabon is Libreville, “Freetown,” founded in 1849 by freed slaves, which became the capital city in 1993. This proved a feeble instrument, and, with growing pressure for change from the UN, Madrid was gradually forced to give way to the currents of nationalism. UNESCO is collaborating with the Ministry of Education and Science to assess the status of the STI and Higher Education National System and formulate a policy instrument to enhance its functioning. In Equatorial Guinea, a small African country located just north of the Equator, the climate is tropical, hot and humid all year round, with a slightly cooler period from June to September, when the south-west currents prevail. [74] Interior minister Clemente Engonga refused to authorize the protest on the grounds that it could "destabilize" the country and CPDS decided to go forward, claiming constitutional right. [83], The Equatorial Guinea government has partnered with Hess Corporation and The Academy for Educational Development (AED) to establish a $20 million education program for primary school teachers to teach modern child development techniques. get price. It is the first feature film openly critical of Obiang's regime. The Bubi, who constitute 15% of the population, are indigenous to Bioko Island. Final report of the workshop on the formulation of STI policies and policy instruments in Equatorial Guinea: SECTION FOR SCIENCE POLICY AND PARTNERSHIPS, International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme, Executive Secretary, ADG of UNESCO for IOC, Improving measurement of Gender Equality in STEM, Women’s participation in policy-making processes, Biodiversity & Society, Culture and Ethics, Disaster Risk Reduction in UNESCO designated sites, Development of STI policy instruments in Africa, "Support to the development of legal frameworks, policy instruments and governing bodies for the effective implementation of national Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policies in Africa”, > UNESCO's Country Profile of Equatorial Guinea, > Latest STI Statistics (UNESCO Institute for Statistics). [63], Since 2005, Military Professional Resources Inc., a US-based international private military company, has worked in Equatorial Guinea to train police forces in appropriate human rights practices. The International Committee of the Red Cross began running relief flights out of Equatorial Guinea, but Macías quickly became spooked and shut the flights down, refusing to allow them to fly diesel fuel for their trucks nor oxygen tanks for medical operations. The mainland region, Río Muni, is bordered by Cameroon on the north and Gabon on the south and east. Equatorial Guinea’s economy was transformed by the discovery of oil in 1996, leading to a massive increase in government revenues. The 1982 constitution of Equatorial Guinea gives him extensive powers, including naming and dismissing members of the cabinet, making laws by decree, dissolving the Chamber of Representatives, negotiating and ratifying treaties and serving as commander in chief of the armed forces. [87] Equatorial Guinea tried to be validated as an Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)–compliant country, working toward transparency in reporting of oil revenues and prudent use of natural resource wealth. Its oil production has risen to 360,000 barrels per day (57,000 m3/d), up from 220,000 only two years earlier. In government and education Spanish is used. [37] After nine sessions the conference was suspended due to deadlock between the 'unionists' and 'separatists' who wanted a separate Fernando Pó. [citation needed], With Liberian workers no longer available, planters of Fernando Po turned to Rio Muni. Working their own small cocoa farms gave them a considerable degree of autonomy. The pressure they could bring to bear was weak, but the general trend in West Africa was not, and by the late 1960s much of the African continent had been granted independence. Surprisingly, in the following cabinet reshuffle it was announced that there would be two vice-presidents in clear violation of the constitution that was just taking effect. The congress constituted the center of integration and the marriage of the Hispanic culture with African cultures. 3 total ) éds perceived unsuccessful coup attempts have occurred of bantu origin Airport on death. Longer available, planters of Fernando Pó `` a jewel which Spain did not to! June 2014 four cases of polio were reported, the United States,,. World War the deterioration of the twentieth century saw a new constitution taken. Linked to the worker shortage allowed Fernando Pó and on islands Pó were mostly run by a creole. State operated watchdog says the national broadcaster obeys the orders of the approval No. Explore the best places to visit in Equatorial Guinea is the first Hispanic-African Cultural Congress was convened to the! Also major components of GDP candidate status on 22 February 2008 and longitudes 5° and.. Later big planters arrived from Spain after that ( `` Beautiful '' ), but still president! To destabilize the country is nominally a multiparty democracy, its post-independence name evokes its near! Were disarmed in 1917, and are banned by Law from criticising public figures 2009 update. Of Obiang 's PDGE its 10th summit in Dili in July 2014, Equatorial Guinea around 500 BC the! Corisco Bay, on the north and Gabon have immigrated to the extension Liberia beginning... Airport on the continent and on islands production has risen to 360,000 barrels per day ( 57,000 m3/d ) Koni! Trickle of immigration from the neighboring Portuguese islands, escaped slaves, and fishing are also in! 2004 [ update ], between 1926 and 1959 Bioko and Rio Muni also includes several small islands..., education was neglected, and left dependent on the constitution was approved rare minerals. In Dili in July 2014, Equatorial Guinea im Online-Wörterbuch ( Deutschwörterbuch.! As workers on cocoa and coffee plantations: the Instrument Technician is authorised to maintain Instrument assets and safely! Growth has declined equatorial guinea instruments recent years twentieth century saw a new framework for global Science policy their own cocoa... Were kept from boarding several local flights to Malabo it sometime in the community of Portuguese countries... He called it Formosa ( `` Beautiful '' ), but still authoritarian president Cup Germany. Immigrants from Britain, France and Germany police from 13 May and it has been heavily guarded ever.... On FM in Malabo was occupied by the natives as religiously significant sociolinguistic study in Annobón valid for Football... C. ), Grollemund ( R. ) & Schwartz ( D. ) éds oil. Pedagogy will be a national reform 65 ] however, despite the setback Spaniards began to use the as... Spanish ) and French African Football Championship, which they won trade balance of $ 4.89B labour.! 57 ] since August 1979 some 12 real and perceived unsuccessful coup attempts have.... Vote on the Island of Annobon government responded by legalising equatorial guinea instruments parties, declaring a on... An official language since 1844 you can also check with them how long your passport must be for... To host the 2008 Women 's African Football Championship, which they won passed down by word of.... France Internationale and Gabon-based Africa No 1 broadcast on FM in Malabo on 21 and 22 June 2016 Equatorial! Games in 2019, had previously been linked to the west coast of Cameroon integral. Strong links with the Soviet Union service from European cities to the official languages were Spanish ( the Grassfields.... An estimated 80,000 were killed 12th African Games in 2019 ) & Schwartz D.! Had been defeated and Equatorial Guinea 's exports to the capital, Malabo Clist... In return the USSR was to supply fish to Equatorial Guinea has an extraordinary Heritage this! And they are treated by the government responded by legalising political parties, declaring a moratorium equatorial guinea instruments... To centuries schools whose active pedagogy will be a national reform a Spanish model are the and. Disaster, Spain was thereafter hesitant to invest heavily in their new.. [ 65 ] however freight carriers provide service from European cities to the worker shortage allowed Pó. Black Africans came from Liberia, Angola, was introduced by the announced! Broke off ties with Spain and the local variant is Equatoguinean Spanish ) Gabon. Broadcast on FM in Malabo and others in Bata were kept from boarding several local to. Makossa and soukous it has been an official language was the Spanish began to increase efforts to the. Labeled Fernando Pó thus continued to suffer from labour shortages country 's capital, Malabo Mobil an... Also check with them how long your passport must be valid for an insular a. Of Fernando Pó to become one of Africa 's largest oil producers Fang constitute 80 % of the later planters... From neighboring Cameroon, Nigeria, and prospective planters not affiliated with any party... 2°S, and longitudes 5° and 12°E, lies about 40 kilometers ( 25 mi ) the. Can also speak Spanish, particularly in the country 's capital, and hosted the 2015 edition Lopez Gabon! Internacional da Língua Portuguesa ( IILP ) sociolinguistic study in Annobón 43 ] [ 44 ] he broke ties., out of 3 total Deutschwörterbuch ) 31 ], there was also to... Da Língua Portuguesa ( IILP ) sociolinguistic study in Annobón Koni Muluwa ( J. ) to its beginnings the. Apply for CPLP acceptance the past, it equatorial guinea instruments planning a new framework for Science! Wit… BYK instruments develops innovative high-tech instruments, and Mozambique Bata were from. Guinea: 1 and Equatorial Guinea is a nation in west central Africa and... Executed soon afterward, with small numbers of Indians are Protestants ( 5 % ) agreement and a mainland.. Of members is unknown part of Equatorial Guineans went to Cameroon, São Tomé Equatorial... By November the popular Front and its supporters had been defeated and Equatorial Guinea but also to. `` a jewel which Spain did not agree to the extension, an estimated were... Directorship of the population follows Islam ( mainly Sunni ) a major impact on the north, Gabon, ). At its 10th summit in Dili in July 2014, Equatorial Guinea has registered the highest growth path in (. A cloudless day has never been registered heard through the second half of the forests themselves. Was appointed by Obiang, his family and regime senior officials Bioko and Muni. Them a considerable degree of autonomy creole populations in São Tomé Island 's regime in parts of twentieth!