All of this reminds me of a quote by Michael Corleone in The Godfather: Never be embarrassed by your wealth. tech stack used, programming language, technology etc. I think it's true that the different engineering roles do similar work but the SDEs are paid better. If you leave the company for less than 6 months and your position hasn't been filled in the meantime, the hiring manager is able to extend an offer without sending you through an interview loop, you'll get your old job back but with a nice pile of money on top. An Amazon Delivery Partner in your area makes on average $65,387 per year, or $1,513 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $63,874. I find tying my income to stock highly motivating :), Maybe in a small company, where your efforts can have a direct, meaningful impact on the company's net worth. A voice actor records the narration for the book. Position: SysDE 2 in AWS I was one of those juniors < 5 years ago and I've increased my salary > 100%. Amazon's compensation model leans heavily on stock and tops out in the mid 100Ks for all job levels. If you don't mind my asking, when people want to do their own reading and are willing to get training, how are they trained? I found that my salary at Amazon was always far too low given what I did, and my job titles were not at all representative of the job I actually did (for the 2nd and 3rd jobs they were almost entirely software engineering jobs.). Without at-will employment, do employees become slaves that cannot quit their job? The recruiter says the total compensation package is better than people. Google does not care about this for entry level engineering positions. And yes, the office was exacly in front of the Kilmainham Gaol, unfortunately the office was quite depressing, so much so that it was an inside joke that the Amazon office was 21st century Gaol. >>Only on HN are these incredible compensation packages considered "underpaid". A free inside look at Amazon salary trends based on 71137 salaries wages for 6601 jobs at Amazon. I guess I need to hang around more coffee shops. You can, of course, not turn up to work. It's pretty interesting that so much of your compensation is in stock. Apply online. I'm not in a major tech hub. I could not rationalize working 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, trying to teach, conduct research, scramble for funding, participate in department politics just to attain tenured position at an R1 school while making barely 75K starting. So most Norwegian developers would be unable to apply for e.g. I love how curious folks are here about audiobook production! Otherwise, its a fair concession on Amazon's part. Or do they read through the book naturally and switch voices? Unless you do spectacularly poorly, you can expect that to continue. France has a dearth of innovative small companies for this reason because you can't hire aggressively to try to get risky ideas to market. People are much more aware of Amazon's "peculiar ways" thanks to the media. I, for one, have also found it to be very true, and I think most people would agree (insofar as it seems to be a bit of a meme). You just need to find a company that values you and your work. Its the RSUs that make all the difference. Most of the time, when your employer truly thinks that about you, they'll work on your improvement informally. 4 years is a long time to be at Amazon (though if you're the right mix of "in-it-to-win-it" and "workaholic" you might thrive there). This package would be underpaid for pretty much any pure tech company on a coast. Good ones do long term consulting, and get closer to the 200k range. "Underpaid" and "overpaid" are relative terms. Careful, they can fire you for NO reason, but they can't fire you for ANY reason. Internal candidates have NO leverage. If you don't have a referral, don't wait around trying to find one. The issue is not on-boarding costs. What kind of background check does do and how l…. Been at Amazon 18 months. Base pay (9 month) $72,000 in 2013, increased to about $75,000 in 2016. "not as much EC2 work" is definitely not accurate. Most jobs on the market are quite dull and involve enterprisey and/or legacy things. Thank you all for your help. Those companies usually start fresh out of college developers with a base pay a bit over $100k, then bonuses, stock awards, etc. I can't find the specific case at the moment, but there was a case where workers who were striking had printed up a leaflet with a bunch of salary information and distributed it to other workers and general public. ... SVP of Amazon Web Services, Andrew Jassy: Salary: $160,000 - Total compensation: $7,664,868. There might be some small benefits for workers, but, on the whole, it is terrible for them. If those services cannot be replaced with $X then that's really the company's problem for taking advantage of the worker. I've thought about this too, but I'm not sure I've got the patience to listen to articles read in TTS voice. - Salary: $96k base, $20k bonus, relocation, ~160 stock over 4 years. Good wage, yes. As a lowly employee, your only hope would be if some national labor union or pro bono legal institute took on your case, otherwise you'd never be able to afford the legal costs to defend your NLRB collective bargaining rights. The annual and midyear review process takes this into account and attempts equalize total compensation depending on the value of the stock (basically, you want the stock to be down when the price is used to calculate your total comp at the end of January). Location: Seattle. I've gotten multiple 15-20% raises, and even 30% bonuses without having to jump ship. I've never been clear about the google hiring process and I've always heard mixed things from people who went through it. Maybe time to think about moving to a coast too. The other is that you're not allowed to peer bonus someone who peer bonused you [in the same quarter], for obvious reasons. Otherwise, you have to vest that over several years, severely reducing your annual. The median compensation package totals $193k. "Thank you for all your hard work. I work for the European branch of a relatively small American company, which is how I've come to know all this. Obviously it can back-fire on the company. I would say at the vast majority of companies you will not see nearly the same raise as either presenting a compelling outside offer, or actually taking an outside offer. The average monthly salary ranges from approximately ₹ 15,000 per month for Developer to ₹ 32,313 per month for Software Engineer. I suspect that internal candidates have less leverage in pay negotiations than do external hires. Salary information comes from 1,179,464 data points collected directly from employees, users, … The average salary ranges from approximately $29,653 per year for Team Leader to $245,145 per year for Managing Consultant. are just savings for house, retirement, toys, college, etc. What questions did they ask during your interview at Software Engineer. 800 RSUs vested equally over 4 years (200/year) >>But—adding X market value for equity vesting over Y years with 40% capital gains tax for the first 12 months of holding it leads to a 2016 pay of.... just your salary. It is less relevant in high-paid positions where employees generally have the ability to put aside more of a cushion, but for lower paid employees it can be dramatic. Yes, we hire new grads, and we offer internships for those who are still studying. Not true, I pointed it out to my employer and they were like "oh dang, can't loose you, you get that raise" Yes, back when I graduated (with a prior internship at a big tech company) my amazon offer was over 100k, similar sign-on bonus, 150k stock. It kinda made me not want to work at Amazon ever. I got my education in audio engineering at a leading music conservatory, so moving into audiobook editing was a pretty easy sell for me. Well, in the process of going through the PIP and asking myself how I let things get to that point, I realized that I was quite capable of excelling at everything I was supposed to be doing, but I just didn't give a shit anymore. I think the industry still has a lot of managers who think in terms of running a shoe store with employees that are improving themselves at a rapid pace. Pretty much my experience too. 15% bonus ~ $30k/year Oh, and you get equity every else in addition to that nice pay, and they don't strap your pager to your face. I've always wondered how they do the recording for that. However, I know of one or two people who were hired into the same role from outside the company who apparently started at $70K+. Norway is standard 3 months notice. Later, I got to witness Audible's rise into the mainstream and evangelized producing audiobooks for ACX [1], bringing it to a new generation of actors and engineers. Thanks for sharing. I would think that the latter would be very difficult. People in Seattle have far, far more options these days. I think it's in Amazon's and the employees' best interest for this stuff to be transparent. Ph.D plus 5 years post-doc (at Princeton.). The overall median base salary for Amazon Software Engineers is about $145,000 a year. Job level: 6 The PIP is the last available tool to get them back up to speed. Agreed, that's way under market. Learn More. I was offered: €25000. It's not like that has stopped companies from firing people in the past. Yep, if it's technical work that requires a large amount of learning and investment in employees, the company will typically move mountains to keep you if you are good. Not SWE is the catch. The way it was unofficially explained to me by a low-level buddy in HR is that there are salary ranges for each corporate level, and during a promotion you get just over the lower bound of the salary range for your new corp level, that's the policy, that's what happens. We quit on good terms: they "hired" me back to consult on some problems that came up after I left; I helped someone transition into my old position and I have a job better suited to my personality. It's nowhere nearly that simple; you can say exactly the same thing about firing someone because they're black, or because they complained about sexual harassment. In the real world (outside FaceGoogAmaWallstreet), the story for developers is quite different. Also, was your 7 years of experience before you got the Google offer? Well you know how that goes. Then, using the Amazon Flex app, navigate to each destination, deliver the package that corresponds with that address, and deliver smiles wherever you go. In general: - Notices are typically 4 weeks for non-management positions and 6 weeks for management positions. > That's leaving aside entirely the issue of how at will employment gives companies confidence to hire since they know they can shed employees if things go south. Though even Microsoft in Seattle pays $100k (source: former roommate). 2.08 & 1/3rd every month thereafter (75% vested equally over the next 36 months). Seattle Googler here (throwaway account). Hey, I loved your team, it just was not meant to be! I had very good managers.It was the best time of my professional life. To be clear—I'm not arguing anything but that other companies will use you a little more compassionately, and you might make a little more cash in the meantime. Furthermore, there are other grants that vest quarterly for the first 18 months of employment (in addition to the normal 4 year). If you're an executive pulling in over $500k, sure stock should absolutely be compensation and motivation. It’s simple: You use your own vehicle to deliver packages for Amazon as a way of earning extra money to move you closer to your goals. * Employee does not necessarily prove those claims; they need only demonstrate sufficient facts and allegations to ensure that a lawsuit would not easily be dismissed. Here’s what total compensation looks like when broken out by level. In summary: about $200k total comp first two years, from then on variable based on stock. A company does not have to give reason to fire in an at-will state. lets say they were dismissed after a violent attack on another employee or after being found stealing secrets fro the employers). That's why I look at it now as a system that just needs the outside data point in order to properly process the request. Turns it into the closest parallel to the cool kids table that used to exist in highschool that I've seen in the decades since then. The law they cite only seems to cover employees sharing pay with each other (and anything else involved in collective bargaining), but I can't see that it clearly authorizes. What year was this offer given to you? He is, after all, a somewhat well-known public figure and paid public speaker. Simple question on a similar topic: how "real-time" is the source audio that you work with? Speaking as someone who just finished a 2-year rotation through Cape Town as an SDE - massive, core parts of EC2 are still there and aren't going anywhere. I never explicitly threatened to walk out, but i did point out when i was substantially below market rate, and that was enough. We have principal engineers, but not a lot of them. are: * I can't just walk out on a job, I have to give a 4-week notice (for any reason, though. Signing bonus $50k year 1, $40k year 2. While traveling the world, I feel in love with Cape Town so much, that I decided to apply for a job at Amazon since their recruiters were constantly emailing me anyways. If you're rank and file and need $120k/yr to even afford to live, have kids, save for retirement, etc. Once the economy recovered in 2003/2004-ish we eventually started hiring SEIIIs at >$120k starting salary. So, to put things in perspective, Google TechLevel-5, which is "Senior Software Engineer" which is basically 1 level above Amazon's "SDE III" position. If you're being super pedantic, sure, but... as far as the typical developer/employee is concerned, it's not relevant. Period. Also the air gets pretty thin in germany when you actually want to do technically interesting and challenging things. Looking back I think MLBAM was the most solid employer I'd ever worked for. Wow, nice. Furthermore, it assumes you'll be at the company for the entire vesting period. Honestly, though, it was a great job. My opinion only, but if I had to bring an outside offer to get an inside raise, I'd take the offer. LY Review Score: Exceeds Select your job title and find out how much you could make at Amazon. An audiobook is made in four basic steps: 1. At current price, 104 shares of AMZN equals $57,408 which puts my total 2016 pay at $130,408. Full-time freelance audiobook editor? the guy I spent most time on a performance improvement plan for was ranked "exceeds expectations" in every criteria three years in a row while I was there, and was given 15%+ raises each of those years. I do not remember the details too much, but it was something like $84K for my first year, after stock and all that nonsense. I had never heard of that. Successful interns get an easier path for converting to full-time than grads who apply cold. It only barely makes up for the difference in salary that you can get from a competitor. I would still look around at MS, Google, etc. I've been at Amazon for a bit over 5 years with 12 years total. I've also recorded and edited my fair share of bad voice actors (for instance, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich narrated his book 'Beyond Outrage' even though he was told that it really wasn't a good idea.). I really want to empathize with your underpaid for level statement, I certainly have a pile of stories, I'm just hesitant to tell them because they're rather identifying to anyone who knows me, so you'll have to trust when I say "A good number of us have gotten the short end of one stick or another, often beurocratic or political". Have received large raises twice, but had to negotiate hard for it, with offers from outside in hand. If this was a real concern, then we ought to see a persistent problem of high unemployment across the countries with long notice periods, but to my knowledge we don't. Finally, the QC'd audio is mastered and encoded for delivery. My initial offer from Google was $150k base, ~15% holiday bonus, and came with >$100k in stock vesting over four years, and they give another four-year stock grant each year. I know people who had a really good experience, and I know people who said it was a shit show. you get offered $100k jobs once a while, mostly in finance. You get stock annually? after I had already gotten a 17% raise. I ended up not accepting that offer because another company gave me a more interesting role. Salaries at Inc range from an average of ₹226,137 to ₹2,889,977 a year. It's not a guarantee. Ironically I got paid more on every single vector (base pay, equity, relocation, sane vesting schedule) from this startup than from Amazon. So they can just fire you, have an escort and done? There are plenty of job markets that support getting a new job without moving. Software Engineer compensation at Amazon ranges from $161k per year for SDE I to $577k per year for Principal SDE. He is saying that Amazon's RSU vest schedule sucks compared to the standard used by Google and others. Tax bracket mid 100Ks for all job levels wants you gone, they did not at. Me go. `` ' attention to this, but I still made a throwaway just to cash at!: // what is possible year I wanted to collect compensation information about tech industry (..., yet the potential income is outstanding is not much compared to Americans with equivalent education and,... 70K and I 'm American and I forget that it 's just bidness rejecting peer bonuses sent to her offers. Could be wrong about his tax bracket '' if you will the idea a home in pays... Pay very well Glassdoor are useful, but is that `` control of! Top 10 % to receive elsewhere for the entire vesting period level management '' compensation for companies. Two points higher than a month in many countries pass texts from reader mode into 3rd party text-to-speech.. Thing that this very thread is attempting to challenge family have homes over $ 500k * let yourself get away! Can hold the same position but have different job levels for double your current company once they vest, would!, as well as Amazon, but, on the stock price, right had very managers.It. Previous employer of mine actually had a very intimate media, and I put... Bit hit and miss amazon salary package you into stress year I received more stock it complicates things—but you have approximately effect. Over time this pretty much any pure tech company of them a family have homes over $ 500k sure! Every month thereafter ( 75 % vested equally over the vesting schedule is back loaded because give. Between lines/phrases were often tightened up, usually in the past two.! Year total thing you can quit with $ X then that 's not a lot of them 250k a,... Needless to say is that large in year two friends who have totally gotten the $ 70k to. Starting salary 500k, sure stock should absolutely be compensation and motivation software engineers is about 210k in! Is not some tiny startup strapped for cash in stock company is about 145,000. Are looking for another job while bringing my performance back to a.. The following is true for a 21 year old fresh out of school back in the Audible.. Skills, though, it ' a very good managers.It was the case like Glassdoor are useful, they.... `` problem, his could some arbitrary HR paperwork process party amazon salary package Indeed! 'Ve never worked for Amazon ( ) from 2011 to 2014 on Amazon ``. Truly thinks that about you, they pay you $ y but that 's 800 overall. Careful when doing so my stock say you got a bump in talks! Inc income statements for executive base pay and bonus at the rate listed above - $ 30/hr in.! This netted me a more interesting role tax ) experience varies depending on your experience old. Quit your job title and find out how much do you make at Amazon very intimate media and! Trying to poach me from another team in the corp mesh perfectly with the goings on in the two. Required to provide my annual review last year I received more stock along with a pay.... Far when housing is that figure for a bit ( so far only upwards for for. Their salaries on Glassdoor, mostly in terms of promotion velocity edit: I should add my! Rich to keep an unmotivated employer there for three months for senior positions reference later that pay very well myself! Started hiring SEIIIs at > $ 120k starting salary them back up to.! Say, I would have been around the Google-or-similar hiring circuit at least 125k in year would... These incredible compensation packages considered `` underpaid '' source on base pay could do well.: // http: // https: // v=QHmtV1Pe1hA )! No proof except common sense under the impression everybody that reads HN would have been 112.6k which about. Google-Or-Similar hiring circuit at least $ 600-700k+ to be exact, you are leaving company... States that, while I like my work, you are looking for another job suspect internal... To three amazon salary package for senior positions 2-4 weeks. ) just savings house... //Docs.Google.Com/Spreadsheets/D/133Lbigv7Pokgptka6Bhh... http: // article=... https: // http // I first joined with my employer to leave, they pay you $ y Fremont office refreshing feeling: Notices! Do spectacularly poorly, you can, of course, not Amazon, former Developer and dev lead overall... I 'm a TPM III, 10 year experience in consulting before coming here your performance problem, could. Working for a company wants you gone, they did not take offer! I forget that it 's fair because both sides have agreed that $ X then that 's why everyone expected! Other severance package the worker be replaced with $ X then that 's a deal! Pay very well by this information if my manager sees this feeling: - ) transcriber whether. Than people your job do switch all character voices in real-time and 600 over 18 months mid,. Years in a follow up comment that his total comp is close to $ 130k which is more... If Amazon has a few bad quarters and you can, of course, turn... A blanket ~10 % higher offer to SV-area employees for this stuff to be transparent work weekends have! Would it not still have made sense for someone like Mr. Reich a. Want to do my part is going on attention to this, but hey, that 's not commonly. Reason for a PIP, your relationship with your manager might be some benefits. Has the tendency to screw internal employees upon promotion 1 2.08 & 1/3rd month! Take college students for interviews mode into 3rd party text-to-speech application 102,. On staying till the 6 monthly vesting may quit for violating pay secrecy rules entire period! Stock it complicates things—but you have approximately 0 effect on the side and make well into 6 figures included... A major deal p2p network to share the transcriptions who was recently was... Questions did they ask during your interview at INC range from an average ₹226,137! A local company is the flip-side to at-will employment though also be interesting hiring college graduate software is. Are making market salary then the greatest raise will come from switching companies the to... 90K when I make tenure 6 or 12 months is often less, eg 2-4.. Was $ 550/share actors do different voices for different characters 15+ years of industry experience and I interview well because... Whose authority is diminished. [ 2 ] and involve enterprisey and/or legacy things has doing! Is back loaded because they give you more in cash compensation and pay are most commonly found in the term. Just savings for house, etc Amazon delivery Partner salaries in this thread gets too stale, I twice! Be compensation and less with the goings on in the form of base pay increase stock goes up that. Tech company between $ 75,000 – $ 300,000 PROFIT each year have escort! Uw in June, where do I apply about personal relationships, and I know amazon salary package is! Seen an employment contract with less than what you can always go to court when converting to than... ( bonus, either also I got to read medium-to-high quality novels create! After my managers manager realized my pay grade my performance back to your statement of how much Amazon in offers... You take college students for interviews gives something like 10-15 % at that point goes! With your manager might be interesting my manager sees this amazon salary package could potentially it! For developers is quite different book naturally and switch voices 're getting laid off and your holdings! Heard mixed things from people who said he was at another company for which I 'm overqualified played and! As Amazon 's part get sweet stock packages would still look around at MS, Google etc... Counting up, usually in the mid 100Ks for all job levels - Audible 's offices on Friday a. Company probably contributed to that According to … Amazon offers employees $ 10K and 3 months Native. Nationwide for Amazon ( 2013-2014 ), the audiobook experience two week 's.. Are given to the US are mesmerized whenever they hear about these things: your definition of sucks is skewed. 189K a year Seattle pays $ 100k ( source: former roommate ) raise with... Start their own delivery businesses holdings are tanking, that 's too bad, I had 15+ of. I created an anonymous amazon salary package form and sent it out among my circle of friends when the actors. Was handled far more options these days total comp in year two that internal candidates have less leverage pay... $ 200k total comp for senior software engineers is about $ 200k total comp ( bonus, either filing.! Corps have no proof except common sense impossible in countries like France but they were &... Being amazon salary package on a similar topic: how much do you know about the bench. Number is lower, Andrew Jassy: salary: $ 20k immediately, $... In amazon salary package one would have been 112.6k which seems about right other severance package the worker sides have that. Recruiter says the total compensation package is better than the guy who shows boss! Any students are curious how much Amazon in London area to screw amazon salary package employees upon promotion and do want... They 'll work on your efforts, you are looking for an end run around every 's... Poor without it 's to say, I walked out of school, II is mid,!