The market:

Smart infrastructure projected to be 8.9 percent of the global $1.5 trillion smart city market by 2020

(frost & Sullivan).

The problem:

Health, wellness and well being is a megatrend when it comes to planning the cities of the future. Healthy living is one of the major challenges we face in making sure our communities and our global markets are on the right tracks.

The solution:

Smart, personal, outdoor gyms. Parcore aims to raise awareness of health and fitness, by building smart communal fitness parks for all ages, backed and amplified by the guidance of a smart mobile app. Parcore will incorporate a variety of high end outdoors fitness equipment to improve strength and muscular endurance, agility and range of motion, stability, cardio etc. The high-tech outdoors parks are backed by an app which offers a personal gym coach to help guide you, offer increased accessibility to the parks, help plan for a more nutritional and healthy lifestyle that fits into your smart city life cycle.