The Hub – Eilat Tech Center

The Hub has been established with a strategic alliance between Champion and the local Eilat municipality, where Champion’s Founder Eric Bentov spearheaded the development and creation of Eilat Hub Tech Center (“Eilat Hub”), an advanced tech center in Israel, through the cooperation of the Municipality of Eilat and participating mentors and advisors from the US and Israel. The Hub is an incubator for local startups and innovative companies dedicated to nursing and nurturing local entrepreneurs. Significantly, Champion has the right of first look for all IP developed by the Eliat Hub to not only invest in but to commercialize internationally.

This has resulted in Champion’s clear advantage with well entrenched Israel business experience, significant presence in Israel and on-the-ground relationships in the Israeli startup scene, and we are bringing startups to the U.S. and the world.

Selected Eilat Hub Projects:

Eilat Hub Portfolio: