The market:

The tourism industry is growing at an avg. pace of 3.3 % per year (“Tourism market trends”, UNWTO, 06/2015) and realizes the importance of digital consumer service methods.

The problem:

A crowded market of online booking services which are time consuming and non-personal.

The solution:

UbidMe uniquely provides an innovative, easy and efficient platform for consumers to individually or in groups, set their own budget, dictate the time frame for their offer and choose potential vendors. The first vendor to confirm the offer will gain the deal, which will be secured instantly via the app.

UbidMe is an innovative and consumer centric solution, designed to reverse the current process of purchasing online, by bidding vendors for their services. This start-up venture will provide both consumers and vendors a “win win” situation. The initial stage will focus on the hospitality industry transactions, primarily in hotel reservation services, with an eye to branch out in the future to other consumer services i.e. car rentals, flight reservations etc.